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Summer School


University of Luxembourg International Summer School

The University of Luxembourg International Summer School provides language classes (French or German) combined with an inter-disciplinary exploration of Europe and the European Union. While based at one of Europe’s centres, students will acquire not only a first-hand experience of several European phenomena, but also the analytical tools to better understand contemporary Europe.



Welcome to the University of Luxembourg

Founded in 2003, the University of Luxembourg is a multilingual research university with a personal atmosphere. It profits from its proximity to the European Union institutions, numerous innovative companies, and Luxembourg’s financial place. With nearly 6,400 students and about 1,600 members of staff from all over the globe, the University offers international excellence in a compact setting, delivering first-rate knowledge to society and businesses.

2020 Edition

01. Duration and Dates

3 weeks

11 July Arrival

13 July Session Start

31 July Session End

1 August Departure

02. Eligibility

The applicant has to:

  1. be currently enrolled as undergraduate or postgraduate student at her/his home university
  2. have successfully completed 60 ECTS
  3. have an official nomination by her/his home University
03. Application Procedure

Once the applicant has been nominated by the home university, he/she will receive a detailed email including the admission procedure.
Documents required:
– CV
– Letter of motivation
– Official transcript
– Passport copy



French for beginners


German for beginners

History: United in diversity? Historical narratives of Europe

Law: Cooperation and hierarchy between judges in the European Union judicial system

Multi-level protection of fundamental rights in Europe

Finance: Luxembourg’s financial centre: a success story because of, or despite of Europe?

Politics: The European Union and its Discontents

Geography: The European Union through the prism of geography: Border – Cooperation – Convergence

Linguistics: Multilingualism in Luxembourg

Day Morning (9:00 - 10:30) Morning (10:30 - 12:00) Afternoon (13:30 - 15:00)
Sunday (12/07) Arrival Arrival / Opening event
Monday (13/07) Language Class Course: Linguistics 1 Reading Time
Tuesday (14/07) Language Class Language Class Course: Politics 1
Wednesday (15/07) Language Class Course: History 1 Tour of Luxembourg Old Town
Thursday (16/07) Language Class Language Class Course: Linguistics 2
Friday (17/07) Language Class Course Politics 2 Reading Time
Saturday (18/07) Daytrip to Trier, Germany Daytrip to Trier, Germany Daytrip to Trier, Germany
Sunday (19/07) Day Off Day Off Day Off
Monday (20/07) Language Class Course: History 2 Potluck dinner
Tuesday (21/07) Language Class Course: Finance 1 Visit of Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs
Wednesday (22/07) Daytrip to Echternach and
Daytrip to Echternach and
Daytrip to Echternach and
Thursday (23/07) Language Class Course: Finance 2 Lecture (preparation for
Friday (24/07) Weekend-trip Weekend-trip Weekend-trip
Saturday (25/07) Weekend-trip Weekend-trip Weekend-trip
Sunday (26/07) Weekend-trip Weekend-trip Weekend-trip
Monday (27/07) Language Class Course: Law 1 Reading Time
Tuesday (28/07) Language Class Course: Law 2 Visit of European Court
of Justice
Wednesday (29/07) Daytrip to Strasbourg, France Daytrip to Strasbourg, France Daytrip to Strasbourg, France
Thursday (30/07) Language Class Course: Geography 1 Visit of European
Investment Bank
Friday (31/07) Language Class Course: Geography 2 Student presentations and farewell dinner
Saturday (01/08) Early Departure
Sunday (02/08) Late Departure

A certificate of attendance will be delivered.

The programme fee amounts to EUR 1.500. Please contact your home university for information on possible discounts and fee waivers.

In addition, the student needs to provide for:

  • Transport to Luxembourg
  • International Insurance
  • Living expenses and meals
  • Accommodation
  • Field trips in Luxembourg, Germany, France and Belgium
  • Cultural activities and tours
  • Classroom materials (e.g. printouts)
Cultural Activities

Cultural Activities

  • Tour of Luxembourg old Town
  • Visit of the Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs
  • Visit of the European Court of Justice
  • Visit of the European Investment Bank
  • 1 daytrip to Trier, Germany
  • 1 daytrip to Strasbourg
  • 1 daytrip to Echternach and Vianden
  • 3 day week-end trip in Brussels and Brugges

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