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Summer School


University of Luxembourg International Summer School

Decoding Europe: On the Traces of the Past

The University of Luxembourg invites you to Decode Europe and follow the traces of its Past during an International Summer School.

The summer school will give you the opportunity to broaden your field of expertise and discover new horizons by combining academic lectures, expert interventions on site, as well as “hands on workshops” during specific field trips. The idea is to show that the history of Europe is not one-dimensional but built on the confrontation of multiple narratives and transnational experiences. The University of Luxembourg proposes you to join us on this journey that makes the past come alive and highlights Europe’s multiplicity and to zoom in and out between micro-histories of Europe in the border regions of Luxembourg and the macro-histories of Europe as played out in an exemplary way in Berlin during the 19th and 20th centuries.



Welcome to the University of Luxembourg

Founded in 2003, the University of Luxembourg is a multilingual research university with a personal atmosphere. It profits from its proximity to the European Union institutions, numerous innovative companies, and Luxembourg’s financial place. With nearly 6,200 students and about 1,600 members of staff from all over the globe, the University offers international excellence in a compact setting, delivering first-rate knowledge to society and businesses.

2018 Edition

01. Duration and Dates

3 weeks

24 June Arrival

25 June Session Start

14 July Departure

02. Eligibility

The applicant has to:

  1. be currently enrolled as undergraduate or postgraduate student at your home University
  2. have successfully completed 60 ECTS
  3. have an official nomination by your home University
03. Application Procedure

Once the applicant has been nominated by the home university the applicant will receive a detailed email including the admission procedure.
Documents required:
– CV
– Letter of motivation
– Official transcript
– Passport copy



French for beginners


Advanced English

Micro-Histories of Europe: Luxembourg and the Greater Region 


  • Industrial Heritage
  • European Integration, where all began
  • Migration, Intercultural identities and memories


  • First World War (1914-1918) – Archeology of Battlefields


  • Roman World comes alive – Strasse der Römer

Macro-Histories of Europe: Exploring Berlin as a lens of world history

Remembering the past

1 week academic and cultural programme in Berlin. On-site visits:

  • Berlin Wall
  • Holocaust Memorial
  • Hohenschönhausen Prison (Communist Ministry of State Security)

This schedule is from the 2017 edition. The schedule for 2018 will be uploaded in April.

DayMorning (9:00 - 10:30)Morning (10:30 - 12:00)Afternoon
Sunday (16/07)ArrivalArrival
Monday (17/07)WelcomeCourse 1/1Tour of Luxembourg Old Town
Tuesday (18/07)Language ClassCourse 1/2Language Class
Wednesday (19/07)Language ClassCourse 2/1Reading Time
Thursday (20/07)Train to BelvalCourse 3/1 (@Belval)Tour of Belval
Friday (21/07)Language ClassCourse 2/2Language Class
Saturday (22/07)Daytrip to TrierDaytrip to TrierDaytrip to Trier
Sunday (23/07)Day OffDay OffDay Off
Monday (24/07)Train to BelvalCourse 3/2 (@Belval)European Museum Schengen
Tuesday (25/07)Language ClassCourse 4/1Reading Time
Wednesday (26/07)Language ClassCourse 5/1Language Class
Thursday (27/07)Language ClassLecture (preparation for Weekend-trip)Old Town Forts
Friday (28/07)Weekend-tripWeekend-tripWeekend-trip
Saturday (29/07)Weekend-tripWeekend-tripWeekend-trip
Sunday (3W07)Weekend-tripWeekend-tripWeekend-trip
Monday (31/07)Language ClassCourse 4/2Tour of Kirchberg
Tuesday (1/08)Language ClassCourse 6/1Language Class
Wednesday (2/08)Language ClassCourse 5/2Reading Time
Thursday (3/08)Language ClassCourse 6/2MNHA
Friday (4/08)Echternach and ViandenEchtemach and ViandenEchternach and Vianden
Saturday (5/08)Early Departure
Sunday (6/08)Late Departure

A certificate of attendance will be delivered.

The programme fee amounts to EUR 1.500. Please contact your home university for information on possible discounts and fee waivers.

In addition, the student needs to provide for:

  • Transport to Luxembourg
  • International Insurance
  • Living expenses and meals
  • Accommodation in Luxembourg City
  • Field trips in Luxembourg, Germany and Belgium
  • one week immersion in Berlin
  • Cultural activities and tours
  • Classroom materials (e.g. printouts)
Cultural Activities

Cultural Activities

  • Tour of former Mine in Rumelange, Luxembourg
  • Visit of European Institutions in Luxembourg
  • Visit of former Italian worker living areas and Center of migrations in Dudelange, Luxembourg
  • 1 daytrip to Trier, Germany
  • 1 daytrip to Verdun, Douamont and Argonne battlefields, France
  • 1 week academic and cultural programme in Berlin, Germany
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